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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Best Books of 2012

I reviewed 73 books in 2012. Here’s the best of them:


Fairlyland – Paul J McAuley

Accelerando – Charles Stross

Sharpe’s Fortress – Bernard Cornwell

Master of Rome – John Stack

Set in Stone – Robert Goddard

The Lady Elizabeth – Alison Weir

Sharpe’s Prey – Bernard Cornwell

The Ten Thousand – Paul Kearney

[Honourable Mention: The Odin Mission – James Holland]

A good mixture I thought of SF, Fantasy and Historical novels. I’m not entirely sure what 2013 will bring so we’ll see how it goes. I think that the mix will probably remain fairly consistent with Historical dominating again.


The Secret Life of Bletchley Park – Sinclair McKay

How to Survive the Titanic – Frances Wilson

A Brief History of The Celts – Peter Beresford

A Brief History of Fighting Ships – David Davies

A Brief History of Britain (1066-1485) – Nicolas Vincent

The Rebel Raiders – James Tertius deKay

Your Inner Fish – Neil Shubin

The Battle of Hastings – Harriet Harvey Wood

The Incredible Human Journey – Alice Roberts

The Sea King – Gary McKay

A Brief History of The Wars of The Roses – Desmond Seward

Nearly all History, as I expected, but with a few notable Science books too which I’m pleased by. More Science and a little less overall dominance by History in 2013 I think (probably). 

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