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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Worth a Quote

“Machines would not exist without us, but our existence would no longer be possible without them.”

Pierre Ducasse

“The form follows the function.”

Jean-Baptiste Lamark

“Good language alone will not save mankind. But seeing the things behind the names will help us to understand the structure of the world we live in. Good language will help us to communicate with one another about the realities of our environment, where we now speak darkly, in alien tongues.”

Stuart Chase, The Tyranny of Words

“Why have we become like gods as technologists and like devils as moral beings, supermen in science and idiots in aesthetics – idiots above all in the Greek sense of absolutely isolated individuals, incapable of communicating among themselves or understanding one another?”

Lewis Mumford


smellincoffee said...

The last one sounds like it came from Mumford's "Technics and Civilization". Are these all quoted together in some source, or have you seen a theme binding them?

Collectively they remind me of the play on an old adage, "Invention is the mother of necessity".

CyberKitten said...

They're all quoted in Design as Art by Bruno Munari reviewed recently.