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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald Trump and Conservatives offer no solutions - Corbyn

From The BBC

12th November 2016

US president-elect Donald Trump tapped into "real problems" faced by voters but has failed to offer a remedy, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to say. Instead of offering solutions to issues such as falling wages and underfunded public services, Mr Trump has only blamed others, Mr Corbyn will say. He will accuse the Tories of being like Mr Trump by offering "slogans, but no solutions for most people in Britain". The Conservatives said Labour was "out of step" with "ordinary people".

In a speech to the Labour South East Regional Conference, Mr Corbyn will describe Mr Trump's shock election victory over Hillary Clinton as a "wake-up call". Mr Corbyn will say millions of people in the US and UK feel "left behind and marginalised" by the current economic system - something Mr Trump had tapped into during the election campaign. "But instead of offering real solutions or the resources to make them work, he offered only someone to blame - everyone, that is, apart from those who are actually responsible for a broken economy and a failed political system," Mr Corbyn will say. "The Tories do the same. They have opened the door to UKIP and fanned the flames of fear."

The Labour leader will say the US and UK electorate both feel left behind by a economic system that makes them work harder while rewarding a small elite. He will tell supporters that the UK will be unable to "take back control" by simply leaving the EU and instead needed to "take on corporate vested interests".

"We have no idea how Donald Trump proposes to 'make America great again', and Theresa May's Tories offer slogans, but no solutions, for most people in Britain," he will say. "We won't tackle the damage done by elite globalisation just by leaving the EU. We won't 'take back control' unless we take on the corporate vested interests that control our energy, our transport and have infiltrated our public services. One thing is for sure: neither billionaire Donald Trump nor the billionaire-backed Tories have any interest in giving people back control or reining in the predatory excesses of a globalised free-for-all."

A Conservative spokesman said: "Jeremy Corbyn presides over a Labour Party that is divided, divisive and utterly out of step with the concerns of ordinary working people. Labour would bankrupt our country like they did last time, erode our armed forces, making us less safe - and they also don't think there should be any limits on immigration at all."

[Corbyn, as usual, talks a lot of sense. Of course there are lots of people, including in his own party, that think he’s a dangerous delusional fool but I think we know what one of them really looks like! I think that the Left on both sides of the pond are going to be gifted a great deal of ammunition over the next 4-5 years which, with luck and skill they’ll be able to use at the next election to put the Right back in their boxes. Here’s hoping!]


VV said...

I don't want ammunition. I want this insanity to stop before they do irreparable harm. Trump is preparing his cabinet and heads of government agencies by installing the worst of the worst to take over and dismantle the agencies they will be in charge of, lobbyist for the polluters in charge of dismantling the EPA, disgraced Wall St. CEO in charge of the economy, deregulate everything! More tax breaks for the wealthy. Repair our infrastructure? Sell it off to private businesses for a fraction of what it's worth, to charge us outrageous rates to use what used to be our bridges and roads. How can anyone watch what he is doing and think this is okay?

CyberKitten said...

I can't offer you any easy answers - or actually any answers at all I'm afraid. The only hope (of a kind) that I can see is that he's already backing away from some of his campaign rhetoric and will probably continue to do so. Maybe he even lied his way to the Whitehouse and he doesn't intend to do very much of what he promised his people? I don't know.... Maybe he'll be as bad as some believe and he'll be impeached? Maybe he'll have a heart attack?

The only thing we can do at the moment is to deal with it on a daily basis, resist where possible, hope and wait it out. Not exactly heart warming I know but it's all I have presently.

VV said...

Thanks for being a calming influence. ❤️

CyberKitten said...

Apparently it's one of my main roles in life. I calm people down a lot!