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Friday, December 16, 2016

...and the start of 17 (and a half) days off work..... so relax......


VV said...

I am jealous. On my Christmas break I have to prep a new class I've never taught before, ancient world history.

CyberKitten said...

I haven't taken much leave this year so I'm essentially exhausted. I need this break *bad*.

OK - That's a BIG topic. Greece, Rome, Egypt....and? What dates are you covering? I had an interview for a 'Modern' History course and they said that they divided History into Ancient & Modern - with the cut off point being the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. Well, I guess you have to draw the line somewhere!

VV said...

Beginning of recorded history up to the Mongols 1300s. I will be looking at the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. It's a survey course, so it's just "big picture" basic info students need to know to get a general understanding of what people and cultures were out there, what is notable about them, wars fought, belief systems, etc. It's a bit overwhelming not only because I've never taught it before, but because I also know so little about that time frame. Time to teach the teacher. :-) Normally our first half World Civ is everything up to 1300-1500, then Second half starts 1300-1500 up through the Cold War.

CyberKitten said...

Well, they do say that teaching is learning twice! I wish you the best of luck!

For a European overview I can recommend:

The Birth of Classical Europe – A History from Troy to Augustine by Simon Price and Peter Thonemann (FP: 2010)

and for Britain in particular:

A Brief History of Britain 1066 – 1485 – The Birth of a Nation by Nicolas Vincent.

VV said...

Thanks you so much! I'll go to Amazon and have a look at them.