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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cartoon Time.


Stephen said...

I got lost trying to find the right manger. Got stuck at a stable for some kid named 'Bwian'.

CyberKitten said...

Was that the alternate ending or something you got into after finding an 'Easter Egg'...?

Hasn't parts of The Bible been made into really bad computer games? I remember reading something about it years ago... [thinks]

Stephen said...

Left Behind was made into a PC game back in the early Bush years, but pretty much no one besides certain sects of evangelicals believes Left Behind is a biblical premise. Real True Christians floating into the sky and leaving the damned world behind dates to the late 19th century. (I only know this because the Pentecostal church I grew up in had a fellow who constantly argued with the preacher that it was un-biblical.) According to Wikipedia, there were two Left Behind games -- "World at War" and "Eternal Forces".

I've seen bible-based flash games and Tetris games, that sort of thing, but certainly nothing major.

Now, Civilization III featured Gilgamesh as the ruler of Sumeria, and their special unit was the "Enkidu Warrior". Even sillier was their making Dido the leader of Carthage in Civ5 or Civ6...but I guess if they're going to make Joan of Arc the 'leader' of France, why not? And I say this as someone who likes Joan!