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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Fred said...


That will draw a crowd, I'll bet.

Mudpuddle said...

i see the pilot with one of those safety helmets with a spike on top and fervid gleam in his eye, jamming the throttles forward and shouting: "SIEG HEIL!"...

CyberKitten said...

The Dornier Do X was the largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world when it was produced by the Dornier company of Germany in 1929. First conceived by Dr. Claude Dornier in 1924, planning started in late 1925 and after over 240,000 work-hours it was completed in June 1929.

The Do X was financed by the German Transport Ministry and in order to circumvent conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, which forbade any aircraft exceeding set speed and range limits to be built by Germany after World War I, a specially designed plant was built at Altenrhein, on the Swiss portion of Lake Constance.

While the type was popular with the public, a lack of commercial interest and a number of non-fatal accidents prevented more than three examples from being built.

[This is one of my fave weird planes designed and built between the Wars. Plus of course it's a seaplane!]

Fred said...


Thanks for the background information on the plane.

VV said...

I should have read the comments sooner. I just did some sleuthing to find out more about the plane. I found what you printed.