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Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Label by Any Other Name….

The keen eyed among you will have noticed that, with the increased time on my hands, I’ve been adding some Labels to the List over on the far right of the Blog. These indicate some appropriate sub-lists and areas of growing interest/future reading plans. They are:

1066 – For all things Battle of Hastings/Norman Invasion related in both non-fiction and fiction.

Cold War – Something that I’ve been dabbling with but will see some increasing traffic in the months and years ahead. I have a stack of books already starting with the Normandy Invasion of 1944 up to the events of 1956. Much more to follow – again both fiction and non-fiction.

Empire – Not exactly PC these days but I do have a long standing interest in the British and Roman empires so anything related to these areas (and other Empires throughout world history) will find a home here.

Exploration – Very early days yet but I think this area will be an expanding one. I definitely have a few books – both histories and first-hand accounts - lined up so watch this space.

Greece – I thought it was about time to extract Greece from its purely Ancient History niche as I have with Italy and Egypt. It only seemed fair. Plus I know almost nothing about post-Classical Greece so I should really find out!

My Kingdom 4 – I noticed that I have quite a few photographs and artwork of the equine persuasion so thought they needed their own Label. Plus there might be some books coming….

On The Road – Same with motor vehicles. LOTS of images and books to come….

On Track – Same with trains. What’s not to love, right? Plus, I know I have some travel books that are heavily train related. Also growing up in the final age of the steam train I miss the buggers.

Post-Apocalypse – I mean, it HAD to be done. It is one of my favourite SF sub-genres and if this isn’t the time to celebrate the literature when is? MUCH more to come here.

SE Asia – An area of the world I know little about and had missed off the existing list. Now rectified.

Titanic – Another subject that endlessly fascinates me and deserves its own Label. More to come on this most famous of ships – both fiction and non-fiction.

To Infinity – I have labels for other forms of transport so why not spacecraft? Mostly images and fiction so far but more non-fiction to come.

Travel – Speaks for itself really. Both modern and classical travelogues to come.

Two Wheels Good – Again only images of two wheeled vehicles (plus a few odd-balls I’ve lumped in with them) at the moment but no doubt there will be books to come.   


mudpuddle said...

bicycles!! i've been working on them and donating them to unworthy homes for a couple of years now)... a toy box full riches, your list is... something to live for, tx!

CyberKitten said...

I hope I can live up to *your* hopes/expectations!

Sarah @ All The Book Blog Names Are Taken said...

I have added more and more labels as the years have gone on and I cringe thinking about how many posts I need to go back and attach them to...

CyberKitten said...

@ Sarah: Indeed. That's the annoyance. Going back and linking. I'm slowly doing that - just a handful each day.

Judy Krueger said...

As I love naming things, I was highly entertained by your labels!

CyberKitten said...

Thanks Judy. The English language is too full of fine metaphors and pop-culture references *not* to have a bit of fun with. It's one of the many reasons why I love my own language SO much. It's just too delicious!!

Sarah @ All The Book Blog Names Are Taken said...

I have some fun with mine as well, such as 'My Heart Will Go On' being the name of the shelf/label for my Titanic books, and 'Welcome to Jurassic Park' being the shelf/label for books about dinosaurs.