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Monday, December 05, 2016


VV said...

This reminds me of a freaky experience I once had. So sometime in 1994, I happened to see a picture in a newspaper in Arkansas. It was of a man squatting or standing next to a statue of Lenin. I remember glancing at the story. This guy bought the statue when the Soviet Union fell, and brought it back to the US so it wouldn't be destroyed. End of story. I thought it was an odd thing for the guy to do, but never thought of it again. One year later I met a woman in Washington, D.C. at a leadership conference. She was from Washington state. We hit it off, shared experiences of being older students with kids. I mentioned that I would be in Washington later that summer to do environmental research. She offered to help me meet with people in the timber and fishing industries, plus Native Americans because she was well connected in the area. So we made plans that I would fly out there and get myself to Port Angeles. She would pick me up at the ferry. I could stay with her and she'd take me around and introduce me to people. Now, other than knowing she had a daughter, I didn't know anything else about her family. One morning we're driving on some twisty mountain road and she mentions that driving on them reminds her of her husband. He was killed a year ago in an automobile accident on a rainy mountain road. The image of that guy next to the staute of Lenin popped into my head. It wasn't like a memory, just a flash of that newspaper picture. So I said, "did your husband have a statue of Lenin?" She got very pale and asked me why I said that. So I told her what I saw. She then mentioned her husband's name. I heard Louis, but then a visual of Lewis popped in my head. So I asked her if his name was spelled with a w. She next wanted to know if he had a message for her. I just said, "it's probably just his way to let you know he's okay." Then I wondered at my brain's recall of information, and what were the chances I would eventually meet that guy's widow?

CyberKitten said...

The world is full of coincidences... although the odds of something happening like that are pretty astronomical! As sceptical as I am it might even get two raised eyebrows rather than my normal one.

Thanks for sharing that rather weird tale!