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Saturday, January 07, 2017


Stephen said...

Possibly my least favorite character in TOS -- what a trouble-making nuisance! Harry Mudd was at least funny.

CyberKitten said...

Not very logical nor rational I thought..... Maybe Vulcan women are more like Human women in that regard [lol]

I can't believe that they don't educate/train their women in the same way as their men. Now *that* would be illogical and extremely wasteful of talent. All very confusing when you start thinking about it too much.

Stephen said...

In another episode, Kirk says to Spock that on his planet, the women are logical -- they're the only planet who can say that. I guess nothing about pon farr is rational, though.

Perhaps it's just the Vulcan aristocracy that doesn't bother training the women. I'm sure the entire planet isn't uniform.

(Well, I suppose it is in the Abramsverse. The entire planet is a uniform field of debris. :-/)

CyberKitten said...

Oh, I think it that Universe EVERY planet is a uniform field of debris..... interspersed with bits of California rockscape.

Maybe her logic was just faulty - it does happen. After all, as I like to remind people, logic is a way of making mistakes with confidence.

Stephen said...

Well, Vulcan was "blowed up", as the kiddies say. I was aghast when the credits came on and no one had fixed it by going back in time!