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Friday, March 31, 2017

"There is still, I think, not enough recognition by teachers of the fact that the desire to think - which is fundamentally a moral problem - must be induced before the power is developed. Most people, whether men or women, wish above all else to be comfortable, and thought is a pre-eminently uncomfortable process; it brings to the individual far more suffering than happiness in a semi-civilised world which still goes to war, still encourages the production of unwanted... children by exhausted mothers, and still compels married partners who hate one another to live together in the name of morality."

Vera Brittain, Testament of Youth, 1933. 


Mudpuddle said...

still, there's curiousity, which drives some of us: wanting to know something for no particular reason at all... altho i suppose in the near future we'll be frowned upon, if not already...

CyberKitten said...

Frowned upon.... in the *future*?

Curiosity, asking questions, scepticism, reading books, expanding your knowledge for no better reason that it's something you're ignorant of..... all are seen as suspicious and are frowned upon in this age of willful destructive ignorance.