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Monday, March 23, 2020

A Third View from The Apocalypse

Well, how quickly things change. For one thing I’m ill. I started feeling rough yesterday and then it built throughout the day. Whether or not it’s Covid-19 I have no idea. It feels like a bad cold. I’m running a reasonable temperature – not too high ATM – and I’m blowing my nose a LOT. I do have a cough but it’s not a dry hacking cough so I’m not too worried about that. Plus I’ve had a cough for the last two or three weeks following another cold in Feb. So far at least my breathing is fine. So, if it is Covid I’m guessing it’s the mild (non-hospital) version. At least I hope so.

I’ve just watched the PMs speech. It was pretty draconian to say the least. Essentially for the next three weeks we are not to leave our homes except for food, medicine and emergencies. If people are spotted in groups larger than two they’ll be broken up by the police. Yup, it’s that bad, it’s that real. Reading about historical events can often be fascinating. Living through those events on a day to day basis – not so much.

Because I’m ill I’ll be self-isolating until at least the end of the week by which time I hope to be feeling a lot better. I have enough food, medicine and, importantly, toilet roll to last me until then at least. Then it’ll be 20 minutes in my local supermarket once or twice a week for absolute essentials. I don’t really need much. There’s just me so I’ll manage.

The timing though…. My last day at work on Friday 27th – and I’ll be at home, as I will be all this week. I guess I’ll give back my work kit when we’re allowed to move around again. Totally weird. It’s definitely going to be a very strange 2020.

Be safe. Stay safe. I’ll see you on the other side!


mudpuddle said...

a ghastly thing to happen in your last week!!! hope you feel better...

Brian Joseph said...

Sorry to hear that you are not well. I am just recovering from what turned out to be the flu. I also was not sure if it was covid - 19 but my doctor tested me.

We are pretty much shut down here in New York and I am working from home.

Hope that you feel better soon.

VV said...

Aww, that sucks to be ill your last week. Keep us posted daily about how you’re doing. We’re fine here, both of us are working from home. I always do so my daily life hasn’t changed much. We are trying to stay home. We’re in a new house now that backs up to a park and hiking trails. The dog and I will both be happier in this more rural environment. The dog has already sniffed out a herd of ten deer in the woods. Raccoons have tossed our trash multiple times. And just today a gorgeous red fox crossed our path. I can’t wait for this cold rain to pass to take pictures. Take care of yourself.

Stephen said...

Aiee! Here's hoping for your speedy recovery. At least you timed your retirement nicely....

CyberKitten said...

@ Mudpuddle: I'm feeling much better today. Almost human again!

@ Brian: I've had flu twice now so you have my sympathies. It's NOT a nice bug to suffer through. Good to know that it wasn't Covid. Did you have any problems getting tested? I understand that there are still shortages. I understand that the test should be free though. We have a 3 week 'stay at home' thing going on presently. I was already working from home anyway - and already ill - so it didn't affect me directly (at least not yet).

V V: Good to know that you're doing OK there. We're definitely living through scarily interesting times right now! Your location sounds idyllic. It should be a breeze to socially isolate on walks there! Stay safe..

@ Stephen: Weird isn't it? I retire on Friday and the whole world is falling apart. It could almost be the plot for a movie or something. Hope you're well and keep that way.

Sleepypete said...

Yeah, I've been sniffly and sneezy too lately. You've probably heard it through the walls ! Temperature's ok though so I don't think it's The Thing.

Feel better soon !

Judy Krueger said...

How are you doing now, a week later?