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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Links & Connections (3)

I’m enjoying this idea of linking sometimes very different books due to titles or close title matches. So here’s a few more from the last few months…

Dominion by C J Sansom

Dominion – The Making of the Western Mind by Tom Holland

[Two VERY different if almost as large books]

WTF? By Robert Preston

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – A Memoir by Kim Barker

[I think WTF is going to be the slogan of the decade!]

Munich by Robert Harris

Munich – The 1938 Appeasement Crisis by David Faber

[Two very interesting and highly entertaining reads surrounding a pivotal event]

Although there’s nothing similar in the review pile ATM there will be more coming. Plus I really liked the idea of reading the two Munich books back to back. It WAS very ‘on point’ but I think reading a fictional account and then a non-fiction account of the same incident added value to both reads. Far less ‘on point’ was further reads on the uses/abuse of history from two perspectives, two tales of British political sex scandals (one fiction and one non-fiction separated by 50 years) and a Sharpe novel based in India involving the East India Company followed by a detailed history of the same institution that both ended around the same timeframe. Definitely MUCH more of that sort of thing to come!


Stephen said...

I enjoy doing fun with titles from time to time -- "Into Thin Air" followed by "Into Thick Air", two different Star Trek novels called Kobayashi Maru..

CyberKitten said...

Well, if you can't have fun/play with your reading then what's the point? Right? [grin]

mudpuddle said...

multiple pov's are nice...